Building your own home can be overwhelming and confusing, leaving you unsure of where to start and how much it will actually cost.

You don't want to make costly mistakes or end up with a home that doesn't meet your needs. Finding reliable information and resources can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding subcontractors and securing funding.

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That's why I created the "How To Build Your Own Home" first steps course.

In this comprehensive course, I break down the process into 13 easy-to-follow modules. From figuring out where to start to understanding the geology of your area, I cover it all.

Each module comes with a downloadable PDF filled with valuable information and resources specific to your state. You'll discover the formula to determine the real cost per square foot in your market area, making budgeting easier than ever.

Even if you already have your plans ready, the first steps course is still essential. And the best part? At the end of the course, you'll unlock a coupon code for the next course, the self-managed course.

Don't let uncertainty and confusion hold you back from building your dream home. Join me and take the first steps towards creating the home you've always wanted. This course is beneficial for beginners and experienced builders alike.

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