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Top Ten Reasons to Be An Owner Builder

  1. You can save 10%-23% by not hiring a general contractor
  2. You get more control of the process.
  3. You learn the value of trades and skills.
  4. You have a chance to develop leadership. 
  5. You have more freedom to select the specifications you want in your home.
  6. More positive equity in your pocket if managed right.
  7. You become more self-reliant.
  8. You can pay greater attention to details and quality.
  9. You can get the same discounts that builders get by setting up your own builder accounts.
  10. You can take more time if needed to do things your own way.

Be An Owner Builder and Save Thousands

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Why I Created How to Build Your Own Home

This site is dedicated to those willing to manage the construction of their own homes and save many thousands of dollars by not hiring a General Contractor. My goal is to help you become informed of the process and to be more self-sufficient.

With 25 years of teaching and 25 years of building experience plus many years in many trades, you now have the most detailed and easy-to-follow owner-builder training program online. Everything you need to be an owner builder is here.

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Hire a General Contractor

Stuff Owner Builders Need to Know

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Kelsch Construction

"Having Keith as a mentor in planning and managing our build is the best investment we could have made. He has already saved us thousands of dollars with his advice and connections. He is helpful, responsive, and organized. His many years of experience are a priceless asset."

Nicole Guzman
Owner Builder in Oregon

"Keith more than surprised me. He actually floored me. He saved me a big headache and solved problems that I could not see for many years to come. He is that kind of builder. He thinks of everything. "

Richard Harder

"Keith gives answers for every question and every stage. I could not have been as prepared without his help. A lot of thanks to this program. "

Kris and Darin Winkel
Owner Builder Sterling, UT

Contact the Instructor

"Thanks for the reply and thanks so much for the wonderful course you've put together. It has been such a big relief to my wife to have something to lean on as first time builders. We were simply overwhelmed and didn't know where to even start. With your guidance we are finally making some headway with the design and build process. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have put into this program. Keep up the great work!"

Tyler J

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"Darin Julie Sims Keith great. I'm so glad I'm one of your students. I couldn't have done it without you. Funny enough I just had my plumbing inspection and I made a video just before we poured. Watching your video made me proud of myself. It was similar to yours. Thank you for everything"

Darin Julie Simms
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