Have You Ever Dreamed Of Building Your Own Home? 

If so, How To Build Your Own Home is here to help you make that dream a reality.

We provide the most detailed and easy-to-follow owner-builder training program online, with 25 years combined teaching and building experience across many trades. Our members save up to 23% in builder costs while gaining more control over the process and having the freedom to select their desired specifications for their homes.

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Top Ten Reasons To Be An Owner Builder

1. You can save 10%-23% by not hiring a general contractor
2. You get more control of the process.
3. You learn the value of trades and skills.
4. You have a chance to develop leadership.
5. You have more freedom to select the specifications you want in your home.
6. More positive equity in your pocket if managed right.
7. You become more self-reliant.
8. You can pay greater attention to details and quality.
9. You can get the same discounts that builders get by setting up your own builder accounts.
10. You can take more time if needed to do things your own way.

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Keith Kelsch 

Keith Kelsch challenges the notion that "those who can't do, teach." With 29 years of experience in teaching both college and high school courses, Keith transitioned into construction and founded "How to Build Your Own Home."

Unlike typical DIY sites, this course guides individuals on managing their home builds without relying on a general contractor, aiming to save significant costs. Keith is committed to empowering more people to become owner-builders.

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