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My name is Keith Kelsch. They say "those who can't do, teach, and those who teach can't do." Well, I teach and I do. Not many can do both. 

After 29 years of teaching both college and high school courses, I decided to merge that career into construction and I created How to Build Your Own Home.

This is not a DIY project site. This is a course on how to manage the build of your own home without a general contractor. I am here to help you save the biggest chunk of money that does not actually go into the home. That chunk is the high cost of a GC. 

I am dedicated to create more owner builders everywhere I can. 

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For more about Keith see kelschconstruction.com

You can also see genuineoptimist.com

How To Build Your Own Home
180 North Main, Suite 1338
St George, UT 84770

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