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For first responders, military, educators, and financial hardship owner builders. Click on application, download and send as instructed. Partial scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case bases.  



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Darin Sims

Dear Keith

This is possible because of your passion to help owner builders. I strongly recommend all of your program. I am grateful for your consultation on this process because when I have doubt you have given great guidance in this process. Thank You! May God continue to bless you and team.


Drew T
(Jan 5 2019)

Keith, thank you for providing a source for information that is enhanced by your experience as a builder who works to continuously improve. Sometimes it’s that 10% extra (knowledge) that makes a big difference in how a project comes together. There are those who like to say “I’ve been doing this for twenty years, so I must be doing it the right way”, and then there are those who continue to learn. Longevity in a trade, without reflection, analysis, and the humility to admit that there is always more to learn, is a recipe for mediocracy. I am retired from a career in construction, working on commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. My experience in residential construction is limited to designing and building our family’s home about 23 years ago. I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos and I appreciate what you are doing. I believe your channel is helping people improve their lives. Thanks Again.


With Keith's program I built the impossible, an Omni Block home with views to die for and with a design many builders would not touch. 

Paul Duchhaheherer

Thank you Keith from Colorado. I built a million dollars custom home and saved buckets and learned even more.