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Owner Builder First Steps


Becoming an Owner Builder

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Manage Your Construction Project With Confidence

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Not Available Until 2022

First Steps

The Owner Builder First Steps course is just to get your feet wet. It is designed to help you answer one q\uestion, can I be an owner builder? There are downloadable files for every module with full video instruction. 


Self-Managed Package includes the First Steps course and then everything in the Self-Managed Course. This is the best organized system for owner builders. Learn to managed your own construction project without a General Contractor and save tens of thousands.  Takes you through step by step the construction process so you can feel better informed and more organized. It will guide you through the questions to ask and how to find the right people. It will help you to know what to look for on the job site. Download the detailed budget to submit to the bank and more.


Receive access to all courses and get one on one time with Keith. Ask questions, get insight and walk you through challenges. Your first meeting will get you started by going over your building plans, resources and anything you have questions about. He will be a resource to get you through to the move in date.

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Andy Groft

The way this is automated takes the guess work and stress out of building your own home. Keith Kelsch has created a product that is both brilliant and easy to follow.

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Jaran Higley

Keith is very articulate and passionate about helping people become owner builders. Great Information!

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Natalie Perez

Saved more than the cost of the GC program in our first meeting with your insight on our design and your engineer contact. Also saved us from an unnecessary expense because the engineer will be doing what was needed. Thanks Keith!