Positioning Your House Perfectly on Your Property: Insights from a Pro

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Setting The Home In The Perfect Spot

Understanding the Importance of Proper Positioning

When it comes to building your own home, one of the crucial steps is setting your house correctly within the buildable area of your lot. This step is vital not only for compliance with local regulations but also for maximizing the potential of your property. Keith from "How to Build Your Own Home" shares his expertise on how to do this effectively, based on his extensive experience as a general contractor.

The Role of Survey Markers [00:00-00:17]

Keith begins by highlighting the importance of survey markers in determining the exact boundaries of your property. These markers are key to ensuring that your home is positioned within the legal confines of your lot. He demonstrates how he located survey markers at different points on his property and used them to align the setting of his house.

Balancing Costs: Surveyors and Budget Allocation [00:18-01:03]

One of Keith's major considerations is budget management. He expresses his reluctance to spend excessively on surveyors, preferring instead to direct funds towards the actual labor and materials of the home. This perspective is especially relevant for larger lots, where there's more leeway in positioning compared to smaller subdivision plots.

Setting Back the House According to Requirements [01:04-02:00]

In his project, Keith explains the process of setting back the house from the property line to meet geotechnical requirements. This involves creating a larger pit than the home's footprint, ensuring that all guidelines are met. He also discusses the importance of aligning the position of his house with neighboring homes for consistency.

Navigating Easements and Neighbor Relations [02:01-04:05]

Easements play a crucial role in how Keith positions his house. He stresses the importance of not encroaching on any setbacks and maintaining good relations with neighbors. By adjusting the house's position slightly and communicating with adjacent property owners, he ensures that all parties' concerns are addressed.

Utilizing Existing Survey Marks and Making Decisions [04:06-06:21]

Finally, Keith describes how he uses existing survey marks to determine his house's position without needing to hire a surveyor. He emphasizes that while this approach works well for larger home sites, it might not be advisable for tighter spaces where precision is key.


Keith's approach to setting a house on a property offers a blend of practical wisdom, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with local standards. His method emphasizes the importance of understanding your property's unique characteristics, engaging with neighbors, and making informed decisions to achieve the best outcome for your home-building project.

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