How to Get an Owner Builder Construction Loan


Owner builder loans are for borrowers wanting to build their own home without a general contractor. Banks and credit unions sometimes do not lend to owner builders, especially in low build areas where there is not a lot of construction taking place.

I want to give you my best advice in approaching lenders when it comes to owner building. 

First, get organized. Know what you qualify for first and then know the real cost to build in your area and then know the process.

  • Get qualified
  • Know the real cost per square foot
  • Know the process. 

I have a simple 11-module course that helps you through those three steps. This course includes single-page worksheets that tell you a lot of information, especially how much homes are being built for in your area based on square feet. If you are new to owner building, I would take this course. 

Now, if a bank will not qualify you without a General Contractor on board, here are the best solutions to deal with that. 


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