Three Better Ideas Than Tiny Homes

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The tiny home fad will fade because the tiny home does not scale as our lives scale. For example, sometimes we need to scale down, but a unicycle is not the best source of transportation to sale down into for obvious reasons. If you hate living in a hotel room for days and weeks on end, you will not like a tiny home because that is roughly the same space you will be living in. 

Below are my top three ideas for living affordably but still having options for the future. sometimes we need to start tiny, and this is ok, but we know we can grow into something better down the road, and this should be the ready focus in starting tiny ur just building smart.

Remember, always think in terms of a solid foundation first. This is real equity, real equity, and by definition this is real estate. 

Build a basement first, deck it over with an insulated deck, and live in the basement and build a second floor later. Make the above a pavilion if you want with a BBQ. The point is you can save a lot this way to start. 

My second pick is to build and live in a small 400 sq ft casita first, get that paid and then plan and then build a larger addition. Always try to have what you add as part of the small and not separate them. A lot of building departments will consider it multi-family living if you build buildings apart from each other and not together.  

My top pick for starting small first is a garage with a small loft above. This is great for those who work from home or have a business that needs garage space. Toss in some attic trusses above and you have living space for less than if you built a separate home. A larger home can come later. 

Each of the above is more affordable than wasting money on a temporary tiny home you build on wheels. These are real property with better utility costs and you protect the equity in your investment when you build this way. 





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