Time Is Running Out

Jun 09, 2020

I have discounted the Self-Managed Package upon the request of many.  This will surely help many get out of the Covid 19 funk and back to work.

Construction employs hundreds of people and it is the quickest way to get an economy started. The more construction that takes place, the better the economy. I live in an area where construction is the number one industry. It has been one of the fasted growing cities in America for the past 25 years. I have seen how powerful construction is to an economy. 

As you break ground, people and their spirits will be lifted. Construction activity has this effect on people, it has a way of getting people excited and even hopeful. Something new being built is activity to look forward to. Many will stop by your construction site to talk and many more will stop by to ask if you need a bid on something or any work done. 

What I am saying is that building is the best way to get to know people. You become a networker. Once a man showed up at my grandfather's place asking if he needed help installing a new roof. My grandfather had two days of work and the man took it. The man was happy with any kind of work and after two full days of work he walked away with some money and his head held a little higher.

Just over three months ago I ran into a young man needing work. He had just left California with his wife and they needed a new start. Their baby girl died of SIDS and they could not live in the old place anymore so they packed up for Colorado. I ran into him at a gas station and we talked. I hired him to help me paint a remodel.  He called last night to tell me he signed a lease on a home to make my town his town. 

As owner builders, you will have experiences like this. If you have never felt the experience of being an owner of a company and giving someone else work, you will feel it. It is a great feeling. 

Take advantage of the Self-Managed Package today. Get all the documents, a working budget, forms, agreements, draw sheets, and all the checklists and videos to help you become an owner builder and not higher a general contractor. Use coupon code "OWNERBUILD" to save. 

Follow me on facebook here. I am pushing out a great video this week especially designed for owner builders. I started How to Build Your Own Home a year ago and in that time I have helped dozens of families and more growing. I add to the program every week and with your feedback we are perfecting the best online system to help owner builders become their own contractor and save many thousands of dollars. We have students in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, Texas, Canada, North Carolina, Florida and more places. 

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